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Double-O-Spot was created in 1992 in Chicago.

Latter in 1995 Double-O-Spot moved its headquarters to Honolulu Hawaii. Where is has been based ever since. OOSPOT has dome numerous weekly events and one offs. Ranging from Ultra Sushi Lounge with Hip Hop (21+) to all age Raves. It is not uncommon for OOSPOT to do 2 events in 1 night, touching on different music and experiances. The talent that has performed for OOSPOT, ranges from Reggae (Mr. Vegas, Ky Mani Marley, Baby Cham, etc) to Hip Hop (Q-Bert, J5, Lootpack, etc) to Techno/Trance (Carl Cox, Crystal Method, etc) to hundreds of DJs and artists of all varying styles.

OOSPOT Was and always has been a team effort. Many people over the years have helped and gotten involved and made Double-O-Spot what it is today and in the process made Hawaii's dancefloors better. Wheather they helped at one gig or for several years, thanks to them people keep on dancin'. There are countlessly too many to list, However, in the beginning there was instrumental help from Randy Walsh, Debbie Bitner, Meagon Rounds, Lea S. all who moved on to dance another day. Over the years, People have helped and been a part of the team. It would be impossible to list all that have helped, However, here unoffical list of people that are part of the OOSPOT family and in no particulat order: DJ Trek, Tasha Boehland, SovernT, Daniel J, Bryan Mizota, Jessica, Lips, Bri, Hot93.9 Crew, Big Daddy Dave, Mellie Mel, Tina C., Kurt Olson, Troy Ponthieux, Tony Roberts, Josh [Skip] Macfarlane, Will Park, Jerad Laverty, E, Jamie Vituscka, Matt Cooper, Sam White, Jeremy Kelley, Jeff Smith, Matt Hopkins, Scott [Tactics] Jenson, Mikey Alley, Brandi Reader Alley, Dave Backes [Jitterbug aka JB Dizzy], Mikey Altier, Jared Christian, Myke Hoff, Joseph [J.D.] Osborn, John Farmer, Dane Thibodeaux, Mike [M”] Middleton, Jeff Darger, Rob Anderson, Pete [P”] Perski, Mike Psaledakis, Jason Peterson, Joseph Yip, Martin Astromowicz, Doug Sine, Rob Green, Melinda Cruz, Leah Domec, Ruby Hong, Shannon, KTUH Family, Star 101.9, DJ Dawn, Matt Cardiel, K Smooth, Cedric Duarte, Eddie Gordon (BBC), Nikki Sword, Abby Alcoran, DJ Betty, David [Tigger] Tibbet, Don [Neal] Siddel, Ron [Bob] Martin, Jon Ching aka JJ [House Nation], Quad, Jeela, Ten, Flash, Matty Boy, Tim Hazelgrove, Matther Grim, Cedric Duarte, Frank McPherson, Jole Gold, Keith MacKenzie [M13Graphics.com/illeveneleven.com], T. Bear, Rod Simington [DJ Eclipse], DJ KAM, Reza, Kimmy, John German, Jeff LaChance, Jeanne Herring, Amada Jimenez Strange, Anthony Whitehurst, Mike Allbritton,AJ Charleston, Chris Greenhagen, Candice Smith, Jeremey Hustman,Ryan Aslett, DFX Mom, Jace, Keoni, Michelle & Angela, Courtney Brebbia, Rhonda Grimmer, Larry Perry III, Bradley Crisp, John Martin aka John Jacob, Garrett Irvin, Derrick Cochran, Nina R., Ben Kemker, Robbie Truitt, Ranel Sahagun, All the DJs who played the shows, + more



DJ G-Spot is originally from Chicago and has worked incredibly hard bringing the world's community of dance music, musicians & Hip Hop artists to the islands of Hawaii. His passion for music lies in the groovy basslines and soaring vocals of New York and Chicago House Music and the English progressive sound. G-Spot's devotion and dedication to exposing the dance music world to Hawaii has been enjoyed by 1000's. On the millennium he staged a worldwide broadcast with the BBC Radio 1 or his Party where G-Spot and Carl Cox broadcasted to over 2 million people, while over 25,000 people attended the FREE event. The British Broadcasting Company did a TV documentary on G-Spot and his DJ & Promoting career. He hosts and DJs for 2 separate radio mix shows for well over 10 years. On his show on KTUH (Fridays, 6-9pm) he plays a variety of music from trip hop, jungle, Trance, house to Techno, covering all the spectrums of music. On his Clear Channel Hot Mix Radio Show, he plays a fast past mixes of the latest music. Both Shows have a huge listener base and both have been essential for the underground and club scene of Honolulu. His DJing career has taken him to places such as Japan, Brazil, Bangkok, Europe, Ireland, Sydney, Mexico, Melbourne, London and Numerous Canadian cities, and many other locals.


Most DJs you might ask, “What cities have you DJed in?” With DJ G-Spot, it’s more of a question of “What Country!” Since you asked… countries include, Japan, Australia, Thailand, England, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, Mexico just to name a few.

DJ G-Spot, (“G” as he is called by most, short for Greg. And the latter part of his name “Spot”, is an actual childhood nickname) is arguably one of Hawaii’s busiest & most favored DJ, being named “Best DJ in Honolulu” by the readers of Honolulu Weekly in 1998. Europe’s MIXER MAGAZINE recommends its readers traveling to Hawaii to catch G-Spot spinning. G was also a key character on a 1 hour BBC Television special that featured then #1 DJ in the world, Carl Cox who brought in the 2000 Millennium New Years in both Australia & Hawaii.

Currently G-Spot is a DJ and promotions director for Honolulu Streetwear. He also holds high profile sponsorships with Coors Light, Red Bull & Larceny. He also runs several weeklies and large annual events under his promotion banner, Double-O-Spot. G-Spot is also heavily involved in radio including being a producer, host & mix show DJ for 93.1FM, 102.7FM & 93.9FM. Lastly, still going strong for close to 10 years now is his patented ‘Underground Sounds’ Radio show that airs every Friday 6-9pm on KTUH 90.3FM.

On the club circuit, you can catch him DJing at Next Door Every Wednesday for an 80’s Night, Every Friday at Get Fresh at Indigo and doing weekly guest spots at various venues throughout Hawaii.
“There was a point where I was DJing 3-4 gigs in one night” G reflects with a sense of wonderment. An all too typical day for G would include him running through endless meetings with sponsors, venues, managers & promoters, shooting over to the radio station at 6pm to host his radio show, then off to his first club gig of the night at The W hotel at 10pm, then off to another gig ‘til 3am and finally to an after hours joint to rock the house ‘til the sun comes up.

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DJ IKON has been on board OOSPOT since its first Honolulu Party with DJ Heather from Chicago.


Affiliations: Illeven Eleven Recordings, Future Sound of Breaks, Afterdark Records, Bottom End Records, Tommy Who Records, OO-Spot, BASSICK & Go Ventures

In the early 90's a young fledgling graff artist and hip hop enthusiast [Ryan Galinato] stumbled into the world of electronic dance music. It was his aerosol art hobby that gave birth to the name IKON which
started as a tag name, remained a nickname, and later evolved into the moniker he is known as today. IKON, a DJ, promoter, freelance journalist, and radio mixshow host from Hawaii has become a rapidly
rising figure in the domestic breaks movement by devoting his time to pushing and promoting a certain sound to its outer limits. As a promoter, his location, and knowledge of the industry will pave the
way for breakbeat culture to hit the road less traveled for years to come. As a DJ, his passion and prior experience as a house music afficionado have created his current and unique style that can be
easily described as an eclectic mix of funky electro breakbeat with elements of old skool miami bass/booty/freestyle infused with present day nu skool influences. Much still awaits to be seen and uncovered,
but with the relationship that has been growing with lleven Eleven Recordings, Future Sound of Breaks collective, Afterdark Records, Bottom End Records, Tommy Who Records, and other notable players in
the domestic breaks movement, for IKON there are still many more boundaries to be crossed. As for his future, look for special collaborations with the Illeven Eleven crew as well as original productions from the mind of an IKON!


INTERN: Monica Lewinsky